Visit of Ile Aux Cerfs & G.R.S.E Waterfall

Enjoy a visit to the island of Ile aux Cerfs and see the magnificent Grand River South East Waterfall. Travel in a comfortable Speedboat on this excursion and spend the day in paradise filled with swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, and a delicious 3-course lunch on the beach.

Enjoy a day trip in the South East Coast of Mauritius to discover the spectacular waterfall Grand River South East and the paradise island Ile aux Cerfs. Board a beautiful, spacious white Speed Boat with a friendly crew member and skipper heading towards the GRSE waterfall’s mouth, where the river’s current meets the ocean’s tide, you will see some impressive ravines along with the mesmerising waterfall. This natural spot adds colour to your excursion with its surrounding rocks, greenery and fresh water. See wildlife, such as monkeys jumping in the trees with their newborns, fruit bats hanging up in trees and the endemic bird ‘Paille en Queue’ flying high in the sky. Next, you will have time to go snorkeling. Enjoy the marine life and see some beautiful fish swim right next to you. The water is so clear you can easily see fish and sea life and it is excellent for snorkeling. After this wonderful experience, we will continue to the postcard-perfect side of Ile aux Cerfs. You will have the chance to go parasailing (cost of other activities not included). After this activity, it will be time for lunch and you will again board the boat to travel to the wild side of the island for a delicious meal prepared by the cooking team. A nice table will be set up and waiting for you on the beach, where you will be served a 3-course lunch, including a starter, main course and dessert.Finally, you will be able to explore and see sea urchins, sea stars and a lot of coral. There will also be plenty of time to relax and enjoy some sunbathing. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen! The beach is wonderful for swimming in the crystal-clear waters under the big, blue sky and admiring the breathtaking views.

Vegetarian Food: Available (kindly request it while booking in advance)

Things to mention in advance:

  • For any allergies with the food  
  • Any other preferences about the menu

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